Why to exhibit?

Since 1978 Trade Show of the Caribbean Inc organize 3 times a year the Apparel, Shoe, Gift and Accessories Show, at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan Puerto Rico, the largest and most technologically advance venue in the Caribbean near airport, hotels restaurants and shopping facilities..

Our Show features local and international exhibitors.

Increase your sale, account base, brands and product recognition while you meet face to face with potential buyers from the 78 cities of Puerto Rico (commonwealth of the U.S.), U.S. Virgin Islands and other Caribbean Islands.

Generate immediate sales and leads while you get into a new territory or market segment.

Strong volume marketing through TV advertising, email blasting’s, social media and directs mail to over 5,000 buyers.

Show advertising campaign opportunity for the exhibitors.

TSC Management and Marketing Team leaders on the Trade Show industry since 1978.


Exhibitor Information

The show is open only to bona fide Exhibitors engage in the wholesale business.

To be considered for inclusion in the show, all exhibitors must submit a contract and comply with all requirements request to info@tsc-pr.com.

The contract for exhibit space will include information on ordering badges, ordering equipment, ordering advertising, important dates and deposit.


No contract will be accepted without deposit.

Registration for all Exhibitors and Assistants must be done in person on the show set up day, business id and photo id is a requirement in order to receive admission and badge. Badge are non transferable and must be wear visible during the entire event. We do not send badges in advance. We do offer pre-registration.

We do request set up assistants and helpers to be pre- register prior to setting up.

Exhibitors, Assistants and helpers must be at least 18 years of age. No infants or minors to 18 years allow at the set up or event dates.


We offer hard wall booth packages from:

10’ D by 10’ W by 8’ H Standard

10’D by 20’ W by 8’ H Standard

Special size booths available on request

Corner Surcharge   applied (IF available)


Equipment is available for rental.

Equipment rental order form included in the Exhibitor contract package.

Each booth equipment rented to Trade Show is set up prior to Exhibitor Set up dates.

Each is booth is inventoried to ascertain equipment and order accuracy. Trade Show of the Caribbean do not allow pirating of table, chairs, racks or other equipment rented to TSC Equipment Rental. To be fair with Exhibitors using our rental service will conduct equipment audits during the set up and the show dates. Any equipment that is not accounted for will need to be rented at the show floor rates or returned to TSER Trade Show Equipment Rental.

Exhibitors may not swap or loan equipment. If you discover that you are missing any equipment from us report to our Trade Show of the Caribbean Inc. Customer Service Representative Office at the Convention Center.