Travel with the correct ID

Every adult passenger (18 or older) must present a valid Federal or State ID at the checkpoint in order to board a flight.



If you’re traveling from the United Stated to the Virgin Islands, you do not need a passport. To board your flight, just present a valid ID. Check valid forms of ID here. Your voter registration card is not an acceptable form of ID. If your ID is not on the list, you can use your passport.

If you’re traveling outside United States territory (Canada, the Caribbean, Bermudas, South America or Europe, among others) you must present your passport. If you need additional information, call theState Department (787-723-1453/4344). For additional information, you can click here.



American Visitors

Forgot your passport? No problem, you will not need it. When you travel from the United States to Puerto Rico, if you’re an American citizen or a permanent resident, you do not need to bring your passport, you only need to present some form of government-issued photo ID or Permanent Resident card.



Foreign Visitors

If you’re visiting us from another city outside the United States, you need a VISA to enter Puerto Rico.Since Puerto Rico is a United States territory, the requirements are the same as when entering the United States. Click here for additional information.


How to apply for a U.S. Passport Book/Card?

  • For first time applicants and minors, submit a completed passport application form DS-11. For qualified adult renewals, submit form DS-82.

  • Submit evidence of U.S citizenship: certified U.S. birth certificated, previous U.S. passport book/card, Certificate of Naturalization/Certificate of Citizenship, or Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

  • Provide one recent color 2”x 2” passport photograph.

  • Present valid photo identification such as driver’s license, state ID card, student ID, military ID, or Federal/state/municipal employee ID card.

  • Submit proper payment. For more information and current fees visit


USDA: Get informed about the items you can bring

All the baggage of passengers traveling from Puerto Rico to the United States must go through the inspection process. This inspection will be performed by officials of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), located at the entrance of all the terminals thru the airport.


Articles allowed on board

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Department of National Security of the United States have the duty of protecting the national transportation system. As part of its mission, TSA supervises and monitors compliance with the list of items allowed on board.


Everything you need to know before boarding

If you arrive on an international flight, you must present your Customs Declaration Form before leaving the airport.

Residents returning to the United States are authorized to import valuables up to $800 free of tax. Residents who were on a non-stop flight from the Independent State of Samoa, Guam and the Virgin Islands can import up to $1,200 free of tax.

Residents: Tax-free Imported Items

  •  Tobacco: 1,000 cigarettes, a reasonable amount of tobacco and 100 cigars
  •  Passengers 21 or older: 1 quart of alcoholic beverages. Passengers from the Virgin Islands, Guam or Samoa: 1 gallon
  • Perfumes and lotions
  • Some personal use items

It’s forbidden to import

  • Narcotics
  • Marihuana
  • Meats
  • Uncertified fish
  • Cuban cigars
  • Items from Iran
  • Leather items from Haiti

International passengers can bring up to $10,000USD or its equivalent in foreign currency without declaring it to Customs officials. For a complete list of allowed items go here.

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